Grow and scale a profitable business

Welcome.  This is a place where I will share what I have learned about building a profitable business.  I will teach you how to build a business with a strong foundation so that it can be scaled and become highly profitable.

I will share everything from how to build the right organizational structure, to how to hire and train employees, to creating the key reports to get real time information on your business so you can adjust and make important decisions your business needs. And, if you feel like you are on the "operations" hamster wheel I too was on, I will teach you how to get off!

I believe in building a business that can run without my day to day involvement (operationally) but which I closely manage so it stays on track.




My background

  I have spent the last 20 years in personal pursuit of business development and personal growth.  I quietly listened and learned from the "BEST" business teachers and slowly developed my own personal process that works!

I am a mom of 3 kids so I know how challenging it can be to live in the world of intention - keeping your own dreams alive.  But, even as a young mom at 22 I never gave up on that vision.  I started my journey with the plan to complete a business degree.  This was side swiped 2 years in when the financial demand to provide for a kid tiered with high tuition payments was too much.  Instead, choosing to redirect my focus to selling real estate.

Luckily, in that equation was a partner who shared my drive and vision for a life of freedom - financially and personally.  Together we found real estate, personal growth and the power of VISION and we never looked back.   

We managed to build a large portfolio of real estate (commercial apartment buildings) before 40.  


While we invested in real estate - we learned investing in ourselves was everything.   Investing in YOURSELF will always pay you back tenfolds.

My business mentor Keith Cunningham taugh me that in order to live life on our terms we needed to "build the machine" that would allow us to do this.  OUR BUSINESS.  I want you to have this too!

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