Lisa Malinousky

Business Strategist 

While growing a real estate enterprise of over 300 rental apartments with my partner, I learned that strategy is the most important component to getting to the next level in business.   You are truly as effective as the decisions you make.  I have trained with some of the best business teachers around, and learned the fundamentals and tools needed to build a highly profitable business. 


Over the past decade, my partner and I made every mistake in the book.  Given our industry these mistakes were expensive.   Real estate and construction in Vancouver, Canada is expensive!!!

For years our business totally controlled us - it had us living in reaction-mode.  We didn't have our business set up in a way where it could run without our involvement 10-12 hours a day.   And the areas that we thought were operating without us were being mismanaged and we lost thousands of dollars.  Because we were so stuck in our business we couldn't see where to focus to get unstuck.  Luckily, our mentor Keith Cunningham was able to teach us key strategies and gradually we found our way.  

Before my business could grow and evolve I had to grow and evolve.  I had become the ultimate student.  I had to be 100% transparent and honest.  I had to be REAL with exactly where we were in our development and admit my shortcomings so I could then build to where I wanted to go.  This is the first step.

I have made it my mission to help entrepreneurs take off their operator hat and put on the Ceo hat so they can be strategic rather than reactionary.  I want to share the knowledge I have gained to help driven entrepreneurs build strong and powerful businesses that can make it through any changing economic climate.

Most people thinking running a scaled business is about the following things;

- branding

- marketing

- tips and tricks

- sales and revenue

What it actually entails is 

- the right organizational structure

- understanding where you should focus to reap the most profit for the least effort

- identifying the areas that need development and the gaps that exist

- identifying the mistakes you have made and how to learn from them

- how and when to effectively employ your resources

What I can do for YOU!

I can help you to develop a powerful and clear, no-nonsense business MINDSET.  A sound, unemotional and calculative mindset so you are ready for the REAL challenges you will face.  Being successful in business isn't easy and the more trained you are the better advantage you have and success will undoubtably follow.  I can provide access to all the tools I have used in my business and through my development to improve my mindset.  The mindset is only changed when you are shown a better, more intelligent way based on results and proof.  I can do that.

I can also help you clarify the boundaries you need to ensure you are building an empowering and intentional business.  There is nothing worse than figuring out 5 years in that the business you built does not inspire you.

We will uncover your shortest and fastest path to profit.  We will identify the key area in your business that, if you focused on with incremental shifts each day - you would see major improvement in your financial results.

I can support you in building a management dashboard so your decisions can be made on facts rather than assumptions.  You will learn how to measure and track your quarterly results. 

Beware.  This is not get rich quick.  If you are not serious and ready this won't work - I can't help you.   The key in becoming the person you strive to be are developing the skills and knowledge you need.  This my friend; can never be taken from you.  You will be able to reproduce the formula you learned over and over again in any endeavor you pursue.

Build, grow and scale a powerful and profitable business while avoiding expensive mistakes.  Let's get you where you want to go.